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The tremendous efforts of volunteers, supporters and staff of ICCP member organisations has resulted in a significant increase in fundraising for spinal cord injury research in recent years. The late Christopher Reeve together with the pioneers of spinal injury fundraising, who include Kent Waldrep, Rick Hansen, Stewart Yesner and Marc Buoniconti must be recognised for their tireless efforts to bring attention to, and create vital research funds for discovering cures for spinal cord injury.

ICCP member organisations fund spinal cord injury research in many countries around the world, principally, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Japan and Australia.

ICCP member organisations also assist and advocate for the development of Neurotrauma research initiatives. These important Government funded programs provide valuable research fund for brain and spinal cord injury in Australia, Canada and many parts of the United States.

Whilst progress continues to be made with fundraising and Neurotrauma research initiatives it is clear that the level of research spending to cure spinal cord injury is insignificant when compared to the annual multi-billion dollar expenditure associated with caring for people with spinal cord injury. Research advances in this area also have the potential to bring advances in the understanding and potential cure of a range of neurological conditions, bringing further humanitarian and economic benefit to the global community.

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